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Clean energy is the preferred technology choice for new power across the country. Utilities, cooperatives, municipalities, and Fortune 500 companies buy wind and solar energy to power their operations, attracted by the clean energy economics and emissions-free generation.

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Fortune 500 companies asetting ambitious targets for renewable energy procurement, and they choose wind more than any other source.

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More than 1,000 utilities, cooperatives, municipalities, and Fortune 500 companies buy wind and solar power.

68 GW

Corporate buyers have contracted nearly 68 GW of wind and solar to power their businesses.


More than 300 companies across the country use wind, solar, and energy storage to serve their customers.

Inexhaustible, cost effective, and clean.


Utilities and corporations are increasingly turning to wind, solar, and energy storage to power their businesses and deliver customers the affordable, reliable, and emissions-free energy and products they want.

Top choice of power

Wind and solar have been the top choice of new power additions to the grid in the past decade, capturing over 60% of the market.

Corporate leadership

380+ companies have committed to 100% renewable energy; some are even locating new facilities where they can be clean powered.

85 GW opportunity

Commercial and industrial customers are expected to demand more than 85 GW of wind and solar power by 2030.

Economic value

Wind and solar’s low costs and stable prices make sense for a company’s bottom line and helps it meet sustainability goals.

More ways to buy

PPAs, virtual PPAs, green tariffs, direct ownership—there are many ways for companies to power their business with clean energy.

A day in the life

A day in the life

A new day begins

Wind and solar start powering your day as soon as the alarm clock rings and you check your smartphone for email, news, or social media updates using AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s, Sprint’s, or Verizon’s networksall companies that have made significant clean energy purchases in recent years.

A day in the life

Electrified with clean power

Flip on the switch – at least a portion of your electricity comes from wind and solar power plants. Want more of it to be clean? Look for clean energy providers if you live in a deregulated market. If you don’t, encourage your utility and state legislature to provide more clean energy.

A day in the life

Fuel your day with clean energy

More and more food and beverage companies like General Mills, Hormel Foods, and Smucker’s use clean energy to power their business, so there is a good chance your breakfast of champions is wind- or solar-powered. Mom was right, eat your Wheaties!

A day in the life

Clean-powered commute

You may not drive an electric car, but your car could be powered by clean energy. Automakers like GM, Ford, Honda, and Toyota are increasingly using wind and solar to help build their vehicles. That gives you the wind at your back and at the wheel, whether cruising down the open road or on your daily commute.

A day in the life

Renewable pick-me-up

That cup of joe may be sourced from South America, but the store you stopped into for a fresh brew might be powered by wind and solar. Starbucks and McDonald’s restaurants are using clean power to renewably deliver your favorite morning cup or quick bite to eat.

A day in the life

The cloud, powered by clean energy

As you settle into work and start accessing files, you can have confidence knowing that many cloud computing platforms are clean-powered thanks to leaders like Amazon Web Services, Google, Iron Mountain, and Microsoft. These companies use wind and solar energy to keep your data safe and accessible.

A day in the life

Happy hour, clean-brewed

Raise a glass in celebration when it’s quitting time knowing your ice-cold Budweiser is made possible by wind and solar. Now that’s something to toast to.

A day in the life

Life's needs

Even if you end up getting more than you need, you can still feel good about the retailers you shop at and brands you purchase. Retailers like Target and Walmart use wind and solar to power their stores, and many of your favorite productsfrom laundry detergent to toilet paperare produced using clean energy.

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