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ACP unites the power and resources of energy storage, wind, utility-scale solar, clean hydrogen and transmission companies in order to further our shared policy goals and expedite the advancement of clean energy as the dominant power source in America.

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We are stronger when we speak with a unified voice.

ACP is the leading voice of more than 800 companies from across the clean power sector that are committed to meeting America’s national security, economic and climate goals with fast-growing, low-cost, and reliable domestic power.

Renewable energy is operating at scale today and is expected to grow by 300% in the U.S. and by 500% globally in the next 30 years.

Many of our businesses are invested across the sector—storage, wind, solar, green hydrogen and transmission —a trend we expect will continue.

Bottom line, the renewable industry has evolved significantly, and it’s only natural that our trade associations should evolve with us. By uniting the power of the renewable energy industry, we are providing our members a higher ROI while fighting harder to make clean energy the leading source of power in the United States.

Key benefits of ACP membership include:

Information and best practices exchange

Connect with industry leaders participating in committees and interest groups (participation limited to eligible members).

Participation in exclusive events

Learn more with exclusive policy briefings, networking opportunities, and invitations to premier industry events.

Access to data and tools

Access proprietary industry data and tools that can help inform and grow your business.

A voice at the table

Be part of a powerful collective voice tackling the most important policy decisions facing our industry.

American Clean Power Association Statistics


Join the 825+ companies who see value in uniting our industry and the benefits of being an ACP member.


Our industry is operating at scale today and is expecting 3x growth in the U.S. over the next 30 years.


attendees at CLEANPOWER 2023, 74% of which are involved in final purchasing decisions

Welcome New Members: September - October 2023

Access to a wide range of exclusive benefits

As a multi-technology trade group, we can leverage the geographic and economic footprint of a larger portion of the renewable industry, increase collaboration with members on both sides of the aisle, respond to leaders on the Hill who are asking us to speak with a more unified voice, and create more sales and networking opportunities by diversifying our membership, all while providing our members with additional benefits.

Member portal

ACP Member Portal

A screenshot of the log-in page for ACP's Member Portal, a convenient place for members to find all of their resources and benefits.



Accessing your exclusive member benefits is easy and convenient with the ACP member portal.

Simply sign in to register for events, download reports, manage your email subscriptions, or access members-only data.

Exclusive resources

ACP Resources

American Clean Power membership unlocks access to exclusive resources such as:

A chart of U.S. Annual and Cumulative Wind Power Capacity Growth, displaying a steady increase since the early 2000's.



  • Industry Market Reports
  • CleanPowerIQ
  • Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide
  • Publications and Reports
  • O&M Recommended Practices
  • Utility Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Database


Data access

Renewable energy data

Propel your businesses success by utilizing ACP’s proprietary  data to make smart, informed decisions.

A screenshot of a topographical map of the United States with two inset images.


  • CleanPowerIQ is a comprehensive, interactive online database that provides data on all operational, under construction, and advanced development projects in the United States, as well as all active industry-related manufacturing facilities.
  • Market Reports: ACP’s U.S. Industry Market Reports provide an in-depth look at the U.S. clean power industry, including market rankings of major players, state-by-state details, economic and environmental impacts, assessment of power offtake and wind capacity ownership, manufacturing and supply chain, project finance, offshore wind, transmission, and more.
  • State RPS Markets Assessments: ACP’s State RPS Market Assessments provide details on the continually evolving Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) policies across the United States and the potential demand they will drive for new clean power projects.
  • O&M Recommended Practices: Operating existing projects represents a growing part of the U.S. clean power industry and offers new business opportunities.

Education and events

Learn and network at ACP events

ACP hosts a variety of premier industry events, including the annual CLEANPOWER Conference & Exhibition. Members receive exclusive discounts, as well as strong preference for speaking slots.

  • Attend: ACP events bring together the most knowledgeable minds in the clean energy industry and create a collaborative platform for discussing issues that are important to industry professionals and their companies. Members receive significant discounts on all ACP events and free, members-only webinars.
  • Speak: Speaking at an ACP event is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge with industry colleagues and bring visibility to you and your company. Strong preference is given to members. Membership is required to participate in the conference planning committees or to be a program chair.
  • Exhibit: Exhibiting at an ACP event gives your company limitless opportunities to increase sales, reach new buyers, close deals, and strengthen your brand. Members receive exclusive discounts.
  • Sponsor: Sponsoring gives you the opportunity to broadcast your company brand to thousands of industry buyers, technical experts, and market suppliers. Sponsorship is available to ACP members only. View sponsorship opportunities. 

In addition to conferences and exhibitions, ACP has a robust webinar program to help you stay current on activities happening in the clean energy industry. The webinars provide tactical, informational, and up-to-the-minute material that sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge.

Join clean power committees and groups

Committees & Groups

Increase your voice in the clean power space by joining a member group.

Why join an ACP committee or group?

  • Increase your knowledge in areas of interest to you: There are numerous policy, regulatory, and technical committees and groups dealing with diverse topics.
  • Meet industry leaders with similar interests: When you join an ACP committee or group, you will interact with industry leaders–either in person or online–from across the globe with interests similar to yours, many of whom have been in the industry for decades and can help you to develop professional relationships and offer you career advice.
  • Increase your value to your employer: Employers recognize the value of serving on ACP committees and groups.
  • Share your knowledge: By serving on an ACP committee or group, you have the opportunity to share your expertise on a specific topic for the benefit of the entire industry.

There has never been a more active or important time for our industry’s work. Members can edit their policy and advocacy committee or group participation here (login required). Operations committees are still available as well for members. If you are interested in more information on, or joining any of ACP’s operations, EHS, or workforce development committees or groups, please reach out to Tom Vinson.

Susan Nickey

Susan Nickey

Chief Client Officer, HASI
ACP Board Chair

“Joining ACP as a founding member was an easy decision for our team. Renewable energy is a mainstream and mature source of American electric power. Clearly, we needed a united trade association to represent the breadth and depth of our industry. If we are to deliver a grid that is predominately powered by clean, reliable, and affordable renewable power, then we must continue to advocate as one cohesive group working together and playing off each other’s strengths.”

Headshot of Susan Nickey, Board Chair-Elect.

Offshore Wind Council


To learn more about offshore wind council membership, contact Angela Bell. 

Refer A New Member

You can help unite the clean power industry by referring a company that would benefit from ACP membership, or whose voice should be heard, and expertise shared for the benefit of the entire industry. As a token of our thanks, if they join we’ll send you an ACP swag item of your choice!

Meet our Membership Team

Have questions? Want to learn more about how your organization can join the hundreds of other companies helping to determine the future of clean power in the United States? Reach out to our membership team today:


Jim Murphy

President & COO, Invenergy
Immediate Past ACP Board Chair

Clean power and renewable energy sources are the future. Becoming a founding member of ACP for us meant committing to the world that we’re in this together. By concentrating our effort and resources on a larger, multi-technology association, we can advocate with one voice what we’ve known all along: clean energy is safe, reliable and affordable.”

Jim Murphy Headshot
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  • Exclusive Networking: Learn directly from key players in clean energy.
  • Insider Information: First-hand access to policy insights and premier events.
  • Advanced Tools: Our proprietary data at your fingertips to drive growth.

Act now to become a defining part of clean energy’s future.

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